Here is a rare Wright C70 116cc chainsaw. I completely restored this about a year ago
I powder coated it and put new rings, crank bearings and seals. The piston has some scoring on it
so I honed out the cast iron cylinder and installed new rings. It runs good but even with the new rings does not have as much
compression as my other wright's so it is not as fast as it could be but still a powerful saw. Don't ask me to do a compression
check as my tester is broken, I am just going by feel on the starter. The reason I am listing it other than needing money is I have
two others. This one has the dead mans throttle so when you let off the gas it shuts it off. You can get it to idle if you push the
trigger to the side and let it drop down in the groove so that is not one of my favorite features. It also has a small scatch in the
chain cover. Now for the good news, it has a new diaphragm and needle and seat in the carburetor and those are hard to find.
The first 2 photos are the most recent picture after I ran about a tank and a half through it and found a cover for the power shift lever.
And the rest of the photos are when I first got done rebuilding it. There are a few small scratches on the bottom of the rear handle also.

Sorry I could not find any big wood for the movie

Below you can see the crack at the top and middle of the side cover.

It has a 28 inch bar and I put a new semi chisel chain on it about a tank and a half ago.

Below is a close up of the power shift button that advances the timing on the fly.

Here is a photo of me cutting some wood. (this saw will bring a smile to your face too.)